This project, for the first cultural centre dedicated to promoting all forms of local arts and crafts in Brazzaville, has as its heart the reaffirmation of cultural identity through the transmission of traditional techniques, but also the exploration and adaptation of modern technologies.

To this end, the central ramp of this multi-purpose facility was designed as a walkway rising through exhibition spaces that are linked to the various arts and crafts workshops on the upper floors. Here, local artists and craft workers will help children and youth discover the different types of materials used in the creative process and the techniques and tools involved in working with these materials. The idea is then to hold exhibitions of the work produced. There will be workshops for wood carving and sculpture, the production of musical instruments, painting, textile production and raffia-work, jewelry and fashion.

On the ground floor there is to be an internet library and scientific games space; and the lower floors contain a cinema and a theatre which can be adapted for concerts and fashion shows.


Unrealized / work in progress